Month: September 2014

Meeting Giacometti’s dog (in Scenes… #6)

Meeting Giacometti’s dog.   This piece has a very convoluted inspiration. There is not much in it from the original design, but still, there is something. In April 2012 I attended European Geophysical Union conference in Vienna, an amazing city

“And how is your mother doing…?” or “On the road to Murnau” (in Scenes… # 10)

  This piece was in part inspired by our discovery of a great artist Gabrielle Münther. In my view she is sadly under-appreciated, though she has produced some wonderful paintings. For a certain period of time she was married to

Visiting Julia (Scenes #3)

The idea of this piece came after a visit to New York City, which to me meant visiting Julia, our daughter. This was perhaps my sixth visit to New York City, but now I was viewing the city with a