“Aprés le deluge, nous”

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Welcome to Tomasz Hueckel’s CUTOUT Art

What you see here is all cut out from thin aluminum sheets using tiny nail scissors. While there are beautiful traditional paper cutout styles, black and white or colored, in Polish, Chinese, Jewish, Swiss or German cultures, centuries old, my cut-outs are more personal in style.

This frontpage presents the newest stuff. For more cutout art, please go to Art Galleries.

Some of the items feature a description that can be accessed either by clicking their underlined title of by clicking the Behind the Scenes tag.

4 comments on ““Aprés le deluge, nous”
  1. Marek Walicki says:

    Your Noah’s Ark is delightful. And the symbiosis of the ostrich with the giraffe (plus this wolf’s snout) is magic, and tricky, because at the first glance, it is not recognizable. One can dive in this “menagerie” of yours and discover in it details full of expression, often quite amusing, with a touch of class of renowned sculptors and painters for ages approaching the subject of the Ark.

  2. giorgio carradori says:

    Purely ornamental representation of oil and oil and gas reservoirs.
    Top reservoir should be water.

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