PURELY ORNAMENTAL, 2017 This is indeed intended to be a purely ornamental piece. There is no story to tell in this work. But there is a story to tell about its inspiration. And the inspiration is again Australian, but not

The musicians

The musicians   This is an unusual piece for me in several ways. First, it is essentially an abstract, even if you can argue that you recognize some anatomical elements in it, three faces, six hands, six feet, etc…, but


I never thought that I would choose a subject of one of my cut-outs that would be politically or socially inspired. Especially, as I grew up in Poland under communist regime when artists were forced, or at least strongly encouraged,

Hundertwasserstrasse (Scenes #17)

Hundertwasserstrasse, 47-65 or The other side   The idea for this cut-out came to me as a windfall of my previous cut-out of last year “Visiting Julia” which features a NewYork city-like view, ….. with a left-top shore line detail

Smokies, Bieszczady, Cevennes…(to Scenes # 16)

Since the first time I visited Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, I have always been under a great spell of these multiple rows of mountain ridges, one after another, until the horizon, and I could not stop counting them,

Ápres le Deluge, Nous (Scene #15)

T. Hueckel, “Ápres le Deluge, Nous” – May 2015, 20×24 in (50×60 cm) Aha !!! This piece won Public Choice award at Resolutions 2017, 3rd Annual Juried Show in Hillsborough Art Gallery, Hillsborough, NC  The subject of Noah’s Arc has